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Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting Service

What is Capita's Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting Service?

Capita's monitoring and alerting solution monitors servers and devices such as system up/down, disk capacity, CPU utilisation, memory utilisation and network device configuration. Ensuring your infrastructure is running effectively and supporting your systems and end - users is a high priority for IT departments. Capita's monitoring and alerting service gives you confidence that your infrastructure is monitored 24 x 7 x 365, alerting you to performance issues, bottlenecks and incidents.


With increased demands on your IT infrastructure, setting up, managing and supporting a monitoring platform can be a challenge. Capita can help you ensure your infrastructure is set up to support your organisation needs today and in the future.
  • Achieve cost effeciencies - save on hosting and maintenance costs, there is no requirement for licensing, hardware, power, backup or patching and no requirement to hire extra staff with specialist in-house skills.
  • Reduce down time and impact on operations - no need for manual checks, pro-active alerting to prevent technical failures and identification of bottle necks.
  • Develop enhanced understanding of infrastructure performance
  • Improve end - user satisfaction and productivity

Setting up the service:

  • Confirmation of requirements
  • Monitoring platform and service configuration
  • Reporting and alerts set up and tested
  • Access to portal established

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Jim Irvine, Northern Ireland Electricity Group Technology Manager

Capita provide an enhanced alerting service for NIE's infrastructure. These alerts monitor the metrics required for each system to provide an overview of how the infrastructure is performing and they proactively alert staff in the event that systems may encounter issues. This service allows for capacity trending - identifying potential growth issues within each of the technology stacks and anticipating bottlenecks within the infrastructure that can be catered for before they become an issue.

Rodney Humphries, DVA IT Manager, DOE Technology and Innovation Unit

The managed service that Capita provide is underpinned by a real-time understanding of our infrastructure's status. This has been achieved by the effective use of automated monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities that ensure a clear picture of our estates health and wellbeing is always available.