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IT Harmonisation blog by Steve Smith, Education Director, Capita Managed IT Solutions

Picture a trust on-boarding new schools on a regular basis, all with varying back end IT infrastructure components such as wireless, servers, storage, networks, numerous IT providers and procurement channels. IT is not always the top priority for a trust as they establish, and therefore IT harmonisation is not always at the forefront of their growth strategy. However, IT harmonisation can provide the vehicle for supporting the ease of growth and the seamless on-boarding of new schools.

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IT Harmonisation, supporting your academies journey to success

As new academies join your Multi-Academy Trust they will be using different types of technology and have varying IT infrastructures in place, This can lead to high costs and inconsistencies in school and IT performance. Capita IT Harmonisation

IT - playing a key role in your success 

By harmonising your IT infrastructure, from your wireless and broadband to your network components, such as; servers, storage and backup, you can prepare for future growth, and lower costs associated with IT maintenance, support and procurement trust wide. 


Drive cost efficiencies - save up to* 25% over a 5 year period with Capita's IT infrastructure services and achieve best in class value for money. 

Capita's IT Infrastructure Provider A IT Infrastructure  Provider B IT Infrastructure 
£534,000 £667,000 £747,000

Capita IT Harmonisation 

 Save energy** - use 20% less electrical power and reduce the impact of energy          consumption on your electrical costs.

Capita IT Harmonisation

Future proof your IT** - scale your trusts IT as you grow and prepare for increases in users and devices accessing your network. With a lifecycle of 17 years compared to  3-5 years, your upgrade costs will be significantly lower.  


What this means? 

All these combined cost savings means you can re-invest in ways that directly impact on improving educational outcomes, whether this be teacher training, additional staff or new classroom devices. 

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Trusted IT partner

With over 30 years' experience using technology in schools, Capita can help you evaluate and adopt technologies which will support the creation of an engaging and interactive learning environment. Ensuring that your technology and infrastructure are delivering financial and performance effciencies. 

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Arrange a complimentary 3 hour workshop to discussing harmonising your core IT infrastrucure by emailing us here or calling 0844 346 0035. 

The workshop will address: harmonising your core IT infrastructure, achieving a cojesive service delivery and improving pupil performance. 

*Example cost comparison is based on
a sample Multi-Academy Trust with 15
academies. The example costs indicate an
approximate cost over a 5 year period for a
complete IT infrastructure refresh.

**Comparison information provided
by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd