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Haringey 6th Form College - Office 365 Migration

About Haringey 6th Form College

Haringey 6th Form College is located in the Haringey area of Tottenham in North London.  Established in 2007 to provide education for 16-19 year olds, it converted to academy status in 2013 and is now the only centre offering full time courses to 16-19 year olds in Haringey.

The centre delivers both academic and vocational courses on everything from business and law to dance, humanities and science. Educating approximately 900 students with 160 staff, the centre is spilt into zones to provide specialist facilities for each curriculum area, each zone with their own flexible study and learning resource area.


Capita Managed IT Solutions has worked with the centre as their IT partner since 2012, delivering IT infrastructure support and improvement projects.

In September 2014, Capita completed an IT infrastructure audit. One of the requirements of the audit was to identify issues with their email provision. The audit identified a lack of mailbox space for users. The centre was using a local virtual exchange server with approximately 1,000 mailboxes running on Exchange 2010. The low mailbox space meant users were having to carry out a great deal of manual mailbox management to stay within their quotas and archive important emails they wanted to keep.

The solution

In order to overcome the mailbox size restrictions and offer the college a solution with more functionality and educational benefit, Capita recommended a move to Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is a cloud based system, offering greater collaboration tools for students and teachers, as well as more control and flexibility for school IT staff to keep data secure.

The solution included:

  • Email and calendar with 50GB of storage per user and use of the college domain name.

  • OneDrive with unlimited personal storage per user. Available as cloud storage and mapped to the college network to easily share and edit files and documents.

Project management

Capita took care of the migration to Office 365 every step of the way. The first step was to synchronise the centres user accounts from their Active Directory to Office 365, to achieve this, a Dirsync Server was installed. The server enabled the technical team to change user accounts in the Active Directory so specific credentials for Office 365 could be applied.

 A migration file with the full list of accounts was extracted from the Active Directory and the team proceeded with the migration process for onsite mailboxes, licensed users and testing of outlook clients. The migration was completed over a weekend to ensure no disruption to the centres teaching staff and student learning. The migration, tests and post migration checks were all completed remotely by a technical specialist, with some configuration of users completed by the Capita on-site team.

John Mansfield, IT & MIS Manager at Haringey 6th Form College says;

 Capita provided the technical expertise we needed to migrate to Office 365 for email and storage. The project was managed by the Capita team expertly, answering any questions I had and ensuring the project timescales were on track. Knowing the Capita team had it in hand, I could concentrate on my day to day job. The migration was completed with no issues over a weekend meaning no disruption to the learning environment at Haringey

Support and guidance

Capita technical staff were on hand during go-live, to support staff and students with their new office 365 solution. The Capita team floor walked, answering and assisting with any queries as they arose. Office 365 and One Drive guideline documents were also created and shared with the college staff and students, with step by step instructions and hints and tips. The on-site network manager also has access to Capita’s learning portal and the additional guidance supported him is assisting the college users.

Educational outcomes

  • Students and staff have access to a greater range of educational collaboration tools.

  • Faster communication between staff and students with feedback on work.

  • Greater storage for learning resources, coursework and project documents.

John Mansfield, IT & MIS Manager at Haringey 6th Form College says;

 Moving to office 365 has proven to be an excellent choice, we have a greater range of educational tools for staff and students and we don’t need to worry about mailbox size. The advice and guidance from the Capita team ensured me made the right decision. Following migration the Capita team went that extra step and were on-site to assist staff and students with the new email system, meaning any queries were answered and resolved instantly